5 things your dark eye circles might be telling about your health

Dark Circles really aren’t a major cause of health concern but they may point out to various underlying causative reasons that are healthy to get rid of. Apart from the cause being familial or genetic dark circles actually usually occur due to specific or combined reason. Are you one of those who ignore your dark circles?! Are you just satisfied with the makeup that conceals your dark truths?? Well delay no further and get to the root of it! Here are five reasons about why should you totally get rid of your dark circles:

  1. You might be living with nutritional deficiencies!!

Your dark circles may be a sign of deficiency of Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, antioxidants and if left unnoticed they may later transform into threatening health conditions such as anemia, coagulation deficiencies, and even accumulation of harmful oxidative radicals. These may lead to fatigue conditions which are unhealthy and tiresome. So a nutritionally balanced diet is a fundamental. Lack of essential nutrients can decrease your health, energy, immunity, and confidence. As we can see dark circles are an index of health and its indications should be therefore taken up diligently.

  1. Allergies May be?!

Did you know allergies could build up dark circles?! Well studies say they do so! And living with allergies is not just unhealthy rather is also troublesome. It is basically a hypersensitivity disorder and its negligence may worsen your condition of immune system and body balance. There may be increased susceptibility and sensitivity later. So watch out for allergy under dark circles. You may opt for over the counter antihistamines but it would be better to follow a medical regime according to your doctor and get treated.

  1. Are you a smoker?!

Smoking and vasculature inflammation together render smoking to kill. Dark circles may be a tell a tale sign of the harm your body is undergoing due to smoking. Dark circles may appear due to pooling of blood under the thin delicate under eye skin caused due to inflammation of the blood vessels. Now inflammation is certainly not a guest to entertain. This is chiefly caused due to bad smoking habits. In fact chronic inflammation is harmful as it damages the nearby tissues and vessels. And a repair may sometimes cause unwanted blemishes. So say no to smoking, quit the bad habits that is toxic to you, environment and people around. Stay beautiful inside out!

  1. Do you know your skin well?

Certain anomalies in your skin conditions may light up the way for a dark under eye. Unpleasant as it sounds these skin conditions include, dryness, lack of hydration and chronic conditions like eczema. This indicates you may have an underlying skin condition requiring your urgent and immediate attention. Proper moisturization and treatment will not just make you healthier but your eyes will thank you for it! Take a good look deep into your under eyes for they may be trying to tell you something bigger!

  1. Will you let work or depression rule you?

Are you over working? Have you been crying too much lately? Too much of stress or depression give you raccoon eyes. And remember they certainly are major health concerns. Over work can make you easily tired, always low on energy and confused where as depression is a major cause of concern. Either way you make your body weaker by letting the cause get stronger. Life may bring you down to blue and grey but it’s your spirit that can color your world. So, smile, in fact roar with laughter, or may be just laugh at yourself for going panda eyed sad. Because anything which makes you sad certainly isn’t worth you! Time to turn the tables and ride over them! Cheers!


Now that you know why should you get rid of those panda eyes it’s advisable to work on it as soon as possible! You may try various remedies available but then just scrubbing them off or applying astringents, anti clot creams, don’t put an end to it usually. Then comes the question that is common to almost all the people affected with dark circles- Why don’t they go? There is a hidden to it answer already! Can you spot it?!Well, more broadly we should be more concerned about why do they appear! And once the cause is located all you have to do is uproot it and replenish the damage caused. For the record appearance of a dark circle doesn’t necessarily point a threat to your health but ignoring them is certainly not the track to pursue. Look under your eyes! Shed the dark shadows of embarrassment with audacity! Know what lies behind your dark circles.

Your health may be indicating you on something significant!!

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