Almond oil for dark circles

What are the main causes for Dark circles

As everybody know attractive and beautiful eyes that shine and sparkle makes you look prettier. Nowadays youngsters and elder alike who are beauty conscious are worried about dark circles under or around their eyes. This can bother both men and women. Even though there are so many reasons for this like certain medicines, lack of nutrients, allergies, hormonal changes and inherited traits, I would say lack of sleep and stress are the most common reasons. If not treated on time, not only will it almost be impossible to get rid of the dark circles but will also make your overall appearance dull, giving you an aged look. Though there are so many chemical based remedies for this in the market not everybody can benefit from that since the skin around the eyes are very sensitive. Also there is a risk of these chemicals getting into your eyes and cause irritation.The beauty creams and other treatments available in the market are expensive and in some cases have side effects. Even though, the dark circles seem to be tough to remove its better to benefit from home remedies than chemical remedies. There are so many home remedies available for this condition.However one of the most used and effective treatment is almond oil. Almond oil for dark circles has been used extensively for its health benefits by people from age-old days.

Almond oil for dark circles

Our ancestors have been using almond oil as an effective remedy for not only to remove dark circles but also for stretch marks, scars and wrinkles. The abundance of fatty acids, vitamins and anti-inflammatory nature makes the almond oil for dark circles a preferred option; it does wonders to your skin. Its cleansing property makes it very easy to get absorbed into skin to remove the impurities and dirt accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles.Almond oil is very gentle that it can be used on sensitive skin and baby skin. I read somewhere that there are two types of almond oil the bitter one and the sweet one; about which I was unaware till then. Sweet almond oil is made from the edible almond and this is the one that we should be used for treatment.

Natural remedy: Almond oil for dark circles

Now let’s look into the method of using almond oil for dark circles. Like in any treatment for skin; the process of using almond oil for dark circles also requires washing your face with a mild cleanser and drying with a towel. When I say mild cleanser the best option is Rose water since it does not cause any irritation to your eyes. Apply few drops of almond oil around your eyes and massage for 2, 3 minutes. Its better you massage in circular motion and leave it overnight so that it gets absorbed into the skin. Next morning when you get up remove the oil using lukewarm water. Although it’s better to apply before going to bed you can do this whenever you have free time. In that case you can keep the oil for around 45 minutes then wash it using lukewarm water. If you make sure that you get enough sleep while doing this treatment dark circles will disappear faster.

Almond oil for dark circles

Take a selfie before you start this treatment. Try this for at least a month and compare. You will realize that using almond old for dark circles is indeed a wise decision.

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