Few home remedies for dark circles

There can be various remedies to dark circles like:

• Applying potato juice under the eyes for a duration of 15 minutes can lighten the dark circles because of the natural bleaching properties of potato.
• Applying a paste of tomato juice, turmeric powder, gram flour or slices of avocado for 15 minutes can diminish the effect of dark circles.
• Soaking some cotton pads in green tea or chamomile and using the cotton pads cut in half under the eyes as an eye mask can reduce puffiness and targets the dark circles.
• Applying a thin layer of honey as a mask for 20 minutes can lighten the skin under the eyes.
• Using rose water, pure aloe vera, tomato puree, cucumber slices or mint leaves under the eyes can soothe and refresh tired eyes.
• Preparing a paste of rose petals and milk, applying cotton pads soaked in rose water, massaging almond oil or coconut oil or even some cold milk using your ring finger on a daily basis can lighten the skin thereby moisturizing it and reducing the fine lines.
• Incorporating healthy habits like eating nutritious foods, drinking lots of water, practicing meditation and avoiding smoking habits can effectively reduce the impact of dark circles.
• Soaking a tea bag in water, placing it in refrigerator for some time and then applying them over the eyes can remove dark circles.
• Mixing a teaspoon of milk cream with a spoonful of castor oil and then applying under the area below eyes or mixing same proportion of yoghurt and cornflour in a bowl, and applying this on the area can reduce the impact of dark circles.
• Making use of Homeopathic medicines like Cyclamen, Geranium inodorum, Sepia, Triticum vulgare, Chinin S, and Psorinum etc can serve as remedies to dark circles.

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