Neocutis Lumiere Eye Cream

Neocutis lumiere eye cream  is a boon in the cosmetic industry. With our advancing age, we get so worked up that our skin loses its glow much faster and earlier. Thinking about natural ways for taking care of skin that is slower in impacts is next to impossible. Thanks to our busy schedules and growing varied beauty product range, selection of efficient products have become even more complicated. But when it comes to Neocutis products its pretty much easier to decide. It had given base to numerous anti-aging formulae. Lumiere eye cream is one of such product which has biased the market with its productive effect.

With time, collagen production in our body diminishes. The cells under the eyes dry up faster making the skin shaggy. Under the eyes area being the most susceptible part for aging it’s important to choose the best product. With lumiere eye cream fighting wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under eyes has become easier. Not only this it also hydrates naturally and softens the skin under eyes. Though it’s bit pricey but it’s worthy.

Lumiere Eye Cream

It has all the important ingredients for skin rejuvenation and revitalization.

Key ingredients

  • Growth factors- Being naturally present within our cells with time it’s speed diminishes so this rich eye cream helps in stimulating its function by improving skin firmness.
  • Caffeine – Its an important facilitator in tightening the blood vessels thereby reducing puffiness and lightening the skin complexion too under eye area.
  • Hyaluronic acid- An hydrophilic substance that locks moisture amount more than its weight thereby being a strong hydrating agent. Keeps skin soft and supple. Hence enhancing the anti-aging effect.
  • Bisabolol- Helps in deeper and easier penetration of all above ingredients which in turn restores suppleness. It’s anti-microbial properties have added advantage.
  • Citric acid- scientifically proven that citric acid is a bloom for our skin. It exfoliate the dead cells and evens skin tone. Major participation in curing wrinkles and pigmentation.

How it works:


Lumiere Eye Cream


Aging leads to reduction in speed of divisions and repair ability of cells. This causes our skin to droop and the glow of our skin subsides. This bio cream takes care in speeding up the cell regrowth by plumping moisture into it, restructuring them. The lighter cells develop faster giving fairer complexion.

Facts to go for it:

  • Being hydrating in nature its an useful and handy in all seasons and specially safe on sensitive skin.
  • It has no any colour or fragrance additives and hence is skin and environment friendly.
  • Instant results and is surely effective.
  • It’s an breakthrough alternative for caring under eye skin.
  • Extremely light weight and leaves no sticky residue after applying.
  • Bottle comes with a pump which keeps a check that required quantity squeezes out of it and controls any waste.
  • Enriched with protein nourishes the skin
  • Blends uniformly into skin leaving you flawless.

Reasons for second thoughts:

  • Undoubtedly it’s price which is dramatically high.
  • Quantity with respective to cost is very less.

  Neocutis Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream

What I have to say about Neocutis lumiere eye cream:

But considering its promised effect within time period it’s a best option to try. When it comes to me I m too choosy and concerned about any cosmetic products I possess. It has to be handy, should have classy look and most importantly result-oriented. Mine being dry and sensitive skin before buying anything research and proof is must. With winters setting in, my skin specially face looks much more older than my age which makes tough for me to go out without concealing it. With my previous products I was able to hide it but I was tired of all this. Then I came across this product suggested by one of my friend and since it was tested I agreed to go for it.

 Just  six months back before my promotion party, I planned to buy the lumiere eye cream so that I should look “ picture perfect”. With regular using twice a day I saw miracles happening. This lovely cream doesn’t hide the age, it really reduces leaving you feel like younger. The refreshing and soothing effect just makes you confident in crowd. Now when I step outside I m carefree about my looks. Now make-up is optional. It’s my second bottle and I am surely going for the third one.

Side-effects  of eye cream :

Though it has  appeased quiet customers with its effect still its a package of chemicals. It can cause skin irritation or rashes if used in more amount.

Is it a yes or no:

If you are thinking about pampering yourself and your valuable skin with this expensive cream then better you get confirmed with your known dermatologist. As its important to be aware of your skin types before applying any cosmetic to avoid unwanted results. The cute looking elegant silver bottle may tempt you to have it in your cosmetic kit.

It takes 3-4 weeks to work but assured results are worth for the wait. Being afraid to face the world just for the unwanted skin aging isn’t what we deserve. Fighting these problems is rather safer.

Today’s market’s cater various options with similar constituents and effect too. So you have to be careful in choosing the best one. Go through various similar products reviews, compare, judge and explore. Taking help of known who have already used it or are still using would be a great idea. I wouldn’t just plunge into it without any qualitative enquiry. So be inquisitive and surf sites , consult your doctors or beauticians. Options are many but results are few.

With the help of reviews either positive or critical we can get idea of the effects of product but without personal experience it’s difficult to judge it. So if you are ready to time travel and find yourself younger than your real age then take a step and try this product and get ready to be amazed. Youthful look and strong confidence is just a few steps ahead.

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