Top 15 Eye Solutions To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Fast!!

Have you been there too? With the dark shadows of the beauty blemishes and ever unwanted guests- Dark Circles!! Ever wondered what is up with these periorbital discolorations always haunting our eyes, mind, appearance, confidence all at once?! And just a sound sleep aint alone enough to get rid of them!!! Like they alone weren’t enough!!

The most common causes of black under eyes are, lack of proper sleep, ageing, excessive crying, mental or physical stress, nasal congestion, smoking habits, too much of sun exposure, allergies, lack of a healthy and nutritious diet leading to deficiencies, certain skin conditions, or maybe they just run in your family. Putting aside whatever the cause there is always a way to will!

Here are the top 15 eye creams and solutions to turn your under eye woes into history!!

  1. OZ Naturals- Super Youth Eye Gel- The Oz Naturals have been proved to be one of the most effective and potent eye gel! Rated as the best designed product for beauty eye gel category, it is the most demanded anti dark circle gel in the market!! The plant stem cells in it help in revitalizing the under eyes and act as anti ageing marvel where as the peptide complexes and vitamin E are the fastest acting nourishing skin lighteners to curb the dark shadows of under eyes. What’s more!!? The give a hundred percent guarantee in their action and promise a 30 day money back offer too. Hurry and grab it!!
  2. Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Lift and Lighten Eye Cream- It is an instant assist to alleviate the gross eye conditions that ruin your look! Yes we are talking about dark circles, puffiness and ageing altogether! It brightens lifts, soothes and hydrates your all around eyes and is undoubtedly the ultimate product!!
  3. Jan Martini Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense- Jan Marini Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense reduces puffy eyes and dark circles as it directly addresses to the cause
    With a specially developed formula that utilizes six powerful, active ingredients which include peptides and Retinol, it wondrously brightens and saves your under eyes!
  4. Judith Hellman Dark Circle Eye Cream- This advanced formula of eye cream is a powerful stimulator of collagen synthesis under the eyes making your eyes look bright, blemish free and supple. Power packed with a combination of all-trans retinol, chelators, peptides, moisturizers and antioxidants which targets the reduction of under-eye dark circles, puffiness, and synergistically firms the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This particular cream acts by hydrating, smoothening and correcting. Pigmented melanin and poor micro circulation are hence combated leaving behind no grounds for appearance of the dark circles.
  5. Eyes by ToGoSpa (30 Pair) (Green Tea)- The green tea is a pioneer of antioxidant source, hence it provides an extravagant hydration along with awesome effects in overall around the eye. It replenishes, rejenuvates, anti ages, moisturizes and soothes the eyes. It consists of collage gel pads infused with high density marine collagen, vitamins, amino acids, useful proteins, and minerals which get activated when applied over eyes due to the body temperature. It enhances and relaxes your eyes to get a vivacious and energetic look.
  6. Revita Lume Eye Circle Cream- The micro active formula design fights off the darkened areas around your eyes and scrubs them off real fast that you can see its effect right from the first use! Its work may appear magical but off course is inspired by science which fades off the under eye discoloration and also strengthens the capillaries to prevent pooling of blood.
  7. Janet Ayurveda Eye Treat 15ml Almond under Eye Serum Roller Pen, Anti Dark Circle- This is an advanced formula for wonderful results that can be seen instantly. Regular use of this combination of herbs and almond oil keeps eyes refreshed and bright. Dark circles, puffiness and tired eyes are benefitted amazingly.
  8. Chang MD Koji C Eye Area – Specifically designed to brighten pigmented under eye skin consisting of delicate yet powerful Kojic acid ester, Rumex extract, Arbuten and the anti-oxidants Vitamin C along with Vitamin E and Green Tea.It dramatically reduces the under eye pooling of blood and hemoglobin accumulation and its subsequent degradation products (biliverdin, bilirubin and iron) by using Chrysin and N-Hydroxysuccinimide leading to a lavishly glowing delicate under eyes!
  9. Beauty Plus- Vitamin K Serum- Vitamin K is the king of circulation! It works extravagantly to even out skin tone and discolorations due to its enhancing effects on circulation and hence no doubt is the beauty vitamin for skin! Enriched with vitamin K this product not just evens out dark circles but can also be used for spider veins and varicose veins! One product, benefits many!!
  10. Lirac Paris Diopticerene, Under eye beauty care cream- This made in France under eye concealer cream is your savior for that sudden occasion that pops up when you are down with dark circles. It is a ready to use wonder concealer that hides your darkened under eyes and give an instant bright look!
  11. Organic Eye Cream by Nurture My Body- Its bright eye infusion and shea butter infused cream is an astute preparation to zap out dark circles, hydrate skin making it supple and lovely, and also evens out wrinkle lines! With 100% organic ingredients it perks up those dull eyes and vivifies your presence!
  12. Peter Thomas- Roth Power K Eye Rescue- Vitamin K and Vita min C enriched vital formula helps to remove dark circles from its root cause! Vitamin K being the most potent anti clot and circulation enhancer removes pooling of blood and its debris products where as Vitamin C has a mild astringent property which lightens, brightens and protects the delicate under eyes from harmful free radicals.
  13. Lierac Paris Double Action Corrector for Under Eyes Dark Circles- High concentration of organic extracts and infused high tolerance corrector formula this made in France product is for the chronic darkened under eyes that just wont go!
  14. The E Beauty by Eliana Ava – Dark circles, under eye bags, crows feet, fine lines- All targeted in a single non oily based cream! A product marvel that leaves your skin with a smooth, hydrated, bright and illuminating healthy glow.
  15. g maher Cosmecuticals Eye lightening cream- Enriched with Rice Bran and Soybean Proteins; Vitamin K, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit and Green Tea Extract it is a perfect blend for fading the dark circles and replenishing the under eye damaged skin. Not all products heal as well as maintain!!



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